Engaging those on the margins is an artform.

It is a process of empowering communities through conversation toward shared learning and collective action. There is a complex interplay between the needs and understandings of those within an organisation, those directly affected by an issue, and others in the community. The unspoken impact of power often leaves the voices of those most affected by an issue unheard, while engaging in thoughtful and inclusive processes allows us the opportunity to change this dynamic.

We draw on experiential knowledge to guide meaningful engagement with marginalised communities. We take an integrated approach to engagement to transform how we relate to those we serve. Services include writing, planning, and facilitation in areas such as children & youth, poverty, and mental health.

Find out more about our consulting services and past work. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions, comments, or inspiration! Our Lead Engagement Catalyst, Rachel Malek, is available for speaking engagements on request.